Do you follow random face yoga or face massage videos online?
Not sure you're doing them correctly?
You're seeing some results, but it's not consistent?

I see a lot of people doing this and they don't realize that they may not have proper face form or technique—and this might actually cause your skin to wrinkle even more or damage it in the long run without you realizing it.

That's why I'm here for you.
Think of me as your personal trainer—but for your face!

I’ll be working closely with you and help guide you every step of the way to make sure that you're doing the face yoga techniques properly on your skin. I'll show you where to start, which exercises are best for you, how to structure your face workouts, and how to keep on track to get the best possible results. 

Get ready to give your skin a natural facelift with a boost of glow!
View the various 1-to-1 personal consultations below and choose which areas of your face you want to lift, tone and contour.
Click on each workout for more details.

*Got questions? Not sure which face workout best suits your skin type? 
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