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This is a group face yoga workout session for up to 6 people where you get to customize and choose which areas of your face you want to workout on with your friends! 

You will be guided through a series of bespoke face yoga exercises and face massage sculpting techniques to lift, tone and contour your face. I’ll be working closely with your group to make sure that you're doing the face yoga techniques properly on your skin with proper form and technique. 

What it includes:

Choose one or mix & match any 2 of the following face workouts below: Upper face lift, lower face lift, cheeky cardio lift

Learn proper face form and technique

One month access to the recorded session

Choose your workout(s):
1. Upper face lift - focuses on lifting the brows, under eyes, smoothing out the 11 lines and forehead area
2. Lower Face Lift - focuses on sculpting the neck area and jawline
3. Cheeky Cardio Lift - focuses on cheek sculpting and smoothing out the nasolabial folds
4. Full Face Circuit Training - we will do a round of exercises focusing on each area of the face

What to expect:

1. GROUP SESSION - 1 hour

Warm up (5 mins): 
We will start with breathing exercises and lymphatic drainage massage to detoxify + release any unwanted toxins. We will be waking up the muscles and encouraging blood flow on your face. 

Workout (30 mins):  You will be guided through a sequence of static and dynamic face yoga exercises, facial muscle resistance training and face massage techniques in the area of your concern to activate your facial muscles.

Cool down (5 mins): We will end with breathing exercises and face acupressure to relax your muscles.

*The remaining time will be for answering questions and guiding you through proper face form and technique during the session.

You will receive a copy of the recording from our initial session to help you practice everyday. You will have access to this for one month.

STAY CONSISTENT. Just like a regular workout for your body, you must also workout and activate your facial muscles on a regular basis to achieve the best results. Recommended to book every 1-2 weeks.  

*Contraindications (please read before purchasing):
-low blood pressure, pregnancy, cancer, Botox/fillers within 6 weeks, lymphoma, heart conditions.