How will I access the live workout session?

You will be sent a unique Zoom appointment link and password as part of your confirmation emails close to when your session is. If you don’t already have Zoom you will need to download the free app to either your mobile, laptop or tablet before your session.


Do I need to prepare anything prior to my appointment?

Yes – you need to complete the in-take questionnaire ahead of your session so that I can prepare ahead of the session and optimize the workout based on your training goals and skincare needs.

Right before your session we ask that you:
1.Thoroughly cleanse your hands
2. Push/tie back hair from the face
3. Remove all makeup and thoroughly cleanse your face


Do I need to bring anything to my face yoga workout session?

Yes, have the following ready:
1. Your favourite face oil or moisturizer by your side
2. Have your face tools cleansed and ready to use
3. Have a mirror ready in front of you



How do you take group payments?

We only take one payment method for the group booking, so we ask that just the organizer pays, and ask each guest to transfer the split cost.