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  • Do you follow random face yoga or face massage videos online?
  • Not sure you're doing them correctly?
  • You're seeing some results, but it's not consistent?

I see a lot of people doing this and they don't realize that they may not have proper face form or technique—and this might actually cause your skin to wrinkle even more or damage it in the long run without you realizing it.

During this 1-to-1 session, you will get to customize and choose which areas of your face you want to workout. You will be guided through a series of bespoke face yoga exercises and face massage sculpting techniques to lift, tone and contour your face. I’ll be working closely with you to make sure that you're doing the face yoga techniques properly on your skin with proper form and technique. I'll show you where to start, which exercises are best for you, how to structure your face workouts, and how to keep on track to get the best possible results. 

What it includes:

 Customized static and dynamic face yoga exercises, face massage and face acupressure techniques catered to your skin type and areas of concern. The session will be done via a Zoom call. 

 Learn proper face form, position and technique with step-by-step guidance

 Access to the recorded session

What to expect:

1. FACE YOGA SESSION - 45 mins
Prep: We will discuss what face yoga is and it's benefits for your skin. 

Stretches: We will start with a few neck stretches and warming up your face oil to get your skin ready.

Warm up: We will continue with some lymphatic drainage massage to detoxify + release any unwanted toxins. This will wake up your facial muscles, stimulate blood circulation on your face, and encourage oxygen &  nutrients to feed into your skin.

Face cardio: You will be guided through a sequence of static face yoga exercises, face massage techniques and facial muscle resistance that focus on sculpting and lifting your skin. This will also further activate your facial muscles and encourage more blood flow into your skin.

Cool down: We will end with breathing exercises, face acupressure and face relaxation.

You will receive a copy of the recording from our initial session to help you practice everyday. You will have access to this for one month.

STAY CONSISTENT. Just like a regular workout for your body, you must also workout and activate your facial muscles on a regular basis to achieve the best results. Recommended to book every 1-2 weeks.  

*Contraindications (please read before purchasing):
-low blood pressure, pregnancy, cancer, Botox/fillers within 6 weeks, lymphoma, heart conditions.

Got questions? Not sure which face workout best suits your skin type? 
Ask a question in our chat box and we will get back to you!